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Senior Resources


Way2Go Transportation

Lifestream Transportation

Housing Resources

Indianapolis Housing Agency 317-261-7200

Partner’s IN Housing 317-353-6784

Rental Asst: 317-926-4357

CARES ACT Rental Asstistance

833-201-0974 or 844-463-7368

FAIR Plan Insurance 317-264-2310

GET Hope 877-203-0116

Medication Assistance


Pfizer RX Pathways

Utility Assistance

IPL Payment Asst. 317-261-8111

Citizen’s payment asst. 317-924-3311

iCanConnect (Assistance for Deaf & Blind)

317-466-2001 ext. 2110

Lifeline - Apply Online or with Phone Provider

FSSA INconnect Alliance 800-713-9023

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