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January 2021 Newsletter


A Year in Review

The last year was one full of uncertainties, especially for our neighbors on the Near Eastside of Indianapolis. With 42% of the neighborhood living below the poverty level, our Westminster families often face barriers that they need help overcoming. 2020 and Covid-19 certainly made no exception for those challenges.

Thanks to donors like you we were able to step up and serve our community in the time of growing need. Through our food pantry and soup kitchen we were able to meet the 70% increase, serving a total of 36,399 individuals and 11,914 families.

Not only did we help put food on the table, but we eased the stress of the holidays for 300 families and put gifts under the tree for a record number of 750 children. We provided warm coats for neighbors through our partnership with Burlington Coat Stores and Delivering Good. We prepared hundreds of kiddos with supplies with our Back to School Bash. We gave the opportunity for neighbors to further their education through our High School Equivalency Program. We helped offer healthcare through our Gennesaret Free Clinic. Through all of the craziness, 2020 was nothing short of a successful year because you helped us do all of these things for our neighbors in need.

Although we have entered a new year, the challenges of Covid-19 will not be left in 2020. We will continue to see an increase an need for our neighbors through 2021, and hope that you will continue to support us so we can meet those needs!

Looking Ahead

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However, our plan for 2021 does not end there. We are always looking to provide for our community in new ways and will be expanding on our current youth services by adding a high school program will help us reach our students that age out of after school and summer program.

The new high school program will focus on life skills, post high school planning, and entrepreneurial skills. Our goal is to provide the local youth with a wide variety of extended learning opportunities that will focus on what it looks like to be successful post education. We value your opinion, and would like your feedback - please take a moment to answer a few questions here.

Donate today to help us continue to expand our services and meet our neighbors needs in new ways!

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