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February 2023 Newsletter

More than an afterschool program

after school program science project.jpg

You may know that Westminster has an afterschool and summer program for kids. What you might not know is the full scope of what our staff does to help support our youth program families.


Recently many of our students had parent-teacher conferences. Two of youth program staff accompanied several parents and sat in place of parents who could not make it due to work.


It's both a privilege and a joy to walk alongside our parents, witness the Westminster kids' successes, and help create plans of action when needed.

New Pantry Ticket System!

New Pantry Ticket System .png

Our pantry just got a little bit better! If you've ever been to our pantry, you're familiar with our previously used white and black card system. We recently rolled out a new ticket system thanks to a grant from Cummins, Inc.


When neighbors arrive, they will grab a number from the automated number dispenser. Once it's their turn to go through intake, their number will be displayed on the two number monitors mounted in the dining area and announced out loud.


With this new system, there will be no worry about lost cards. Our whole pantry check-in process will run smoother than ever!

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